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  • Wraiyf

    So, in this interview that John Barrowman did, he tease REALLY well, about some future plot points on Arrow, and even hinted at the Lazarus Pit. I'll probably add more to this blog post, however for now, I'm just adding this video for everyone to watch, thankyou GreenArrowTV for having this on your site btw, else I wouldn't of found it.

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  • Wraiyf

    Information for everyone

    October 25, 2013 by Wraiyf

    Okay, so I've noticed on quite a few blog posts that there are many "Wikia Contributors" who are asking the same questions over and over again, asking about Slade, Shado, and then asking/stating that characters will be appearing (when it's said they won't be)

    so I'm going to write here who will be appearing later on in the series, and who is currently unconfirmed and who is not appearing.

    okay, so the characters that have been CONFIRMED to be appearing later on in the series are -

    "Anatoli Knyazev", leader of the Bratva and friend of Olivers, will be making a possible appearance in episodes 4 and 6

    "Slade Wilson", has been confirmed to be making an appearance in "Starling City" at a later date so therefore he is alive after the island.

    "Barry All…

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