I just started to watch Arrow from season 1. Regret that I don't know about this series before, I finished season 1 and season 2 yesterday. Now I'm still in 15% to finish season 3. Also, I already take a sip-watch on The Flash.

Knowingly, I am so far behind from the latest episode, I don't mind for spoiler. Coz I read the summary of each episode before watch it anyway.

Now that I know, there is more will come, like Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen and Constantine, I hope that CW provide me with new romance shows too,(notice that I'm a fan of Gossip Girl) to balance my interest.

I'm just glad that I have plenty of time to watch all of this.
Arsenal fight club promotional

My crush

The Flash Season Zero chapter 16 digital cover

He is sooo cute