Hello, everyone, I am Wally Valdez. I am new to this wiki, and I have not created a blog post yet, so forgive me if I make the blog wrong. 

Anyway, I was wondering who all of you think the unknown character in Arrow Season 3 who is currently called "Seth" could be. The character was first mentioned on the same casting call that Katana, Maseo, and Ray Palmer were on. He is apparently a villain, a well-educated criminal who uses a drug that drains people's willpower. "Seth" is supposed to be a good fighter, he has a "quiet intensity" and he is a criminal mastermind. He is also going to be the main villain of the Season 3 first episode. That makes me think he is going to be the new Count Vertigo, who has been confirmed to be the villain in the Season 3 first episode also. In fact, I am pretty positive that he is the new Count Vertigo, and that the drug is a new version of Vertigo, but the Season 3 page lists "Seth" and Count Vertigo as two different people. So "Seth's" identity has not yet been confirmed. I am sure that he  is Count Vertigo, but it is possibe "Seth" is another villain in the first episode who Count Vertigo is working with or for. If you believe that "Seth" is not Count Vertigo, say who you think he is in the comments. Another reason why "Seth" is probably Count Vertigo is that Seth is the first name of the actor who played the original Count Vertigo. What do you think?