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    Who Could Seth Be?

    August 9, 2014 by Wally Valdez

    Hello, everyone, I am Wally Valdez. I am new to this wiki, and I have not created a blog post yet, so forgive me if I make the blog wrong. 

    Anyway, I was wondering who all of you think the unknown character in Arrow Season 3 who is currently called "Seth" could be. The character was first mentioned on the same casting call that Katana, Maseo, and Ray Palmer were on. He is apparently a villain, a well-educated criminal who uses a drug that drains people's willpower. "Seth" is supposed to be a good fighter, he has a "quiet intensity" and he is a criminal mastermind. He is also going to be the main villain of the Season 3 first episode. That makes me think he is going to be the new Count Vertigo, who has been confirmed to be the villain in the…

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