So I was rewatching the scene from episode 9 where Savitar tells his prophecy and I thought about a  thing that I didn't care about before. Why does Savitar look like he hates HR or in his words the fake Wells? He seemed okay with everyone else except Barry his enemy and for some reason HR. I thought about it and it helps my theory that Savitar is actually Eddie Thawne. If Eddie is indeed alive he would hate Barry for not saving him and for letting him die instead 

Savitar posesses Julian

Why would Savitar hate HR of all people?

of beating "Wells" himself. He would hate Iris for being with Barry instead of her also not looking for him. He would also hate the man responsible for his "death" Harrison Wells aka Eobard Thawne. And since HR looks exactly like "Wells" surely Eddie would hate him too right? After all Team Flash did the same thing last year.
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Team Flash didn't trust Harry because he looked like Thawne maybe that is why Eddie hates HR.

. They didn't like Harry because he looked like Thawne. Maybe that is why Savitar hates HR. . Do you agree that Savitar is Eddie or do you think he is someone else?