Here it is again the identity of Savitar. The biggest mystery of the Arrowverse this year. The mystery that was dragged out for too long. And the mystery that will make me go nuts. At this point, I have for theories but each one cancels each other.

Ronnie: After "The Once and Future Flash" this theory became very popular but aside from KF trusting him and him having dark hair how is it possible for him to be Savitar? He never really knew anyone in team Flash besides Cait and Cisco and he never met Wally. That makes it impossible for Ronnie to be Savitar.

Barry; Probably the most popular theory and most likely to be true. The series even hinted at it. HR's the Streak vs Mr Reflecto, TOaFF ending with Savitar's right leg and the promo for IKWYA starting with Barry's left leg, etc but we just saw future Flash become a hero again unless someone kills all of his remaining friends then he won't turn evil. Also, Wally would have had a reaction when he saw 2017 Barry in the future but he didn't.

Wally: Savitar is the so-called God of Speed he isn't going to break his own back. 

Eddie: This theory was also hinted at in the series. "You took everything from me"(Barry is with Iris) and "The man who Joe raised and Iris loves. You have everything and deserve none of it" why in the world would Ronnie be jealous of this or Wally(the second part not the first). But Savitar has dark hair and Cait wouldn't trust him(Maybe she does because he is killing the woman he once loved but it still doesn't make sense)

Can't Tuesday come any faster? I need to know. Anyway who do you think Savitar is