Now I know most of you already know the Flash season 3 premiere will be titled "Flashpoint" and it doesn't feel like a title of the beginning of a story it feels like it is the end of the story.I mean since I watched the Flash season 2 finale I was afraid that the writers will make the Flashpoint one episode only(like they did with Zoom's army) which will make almost all of the fanbase angry or they will make it multiple episodes but without altering the timeline of the others shows.The Flash premiere is the first in the Arrowverse so what if they made the Flash S3 premiere a 2 hour special hear me out 2 hours seems enough to end the story(The animated movie was 81 minutes) and it won't alter the timeline of Arrow or LOT.I know it may be a bad idea but they can't make the Flashpoint half of the season.This is my opinion you may like it you may hate it.