Hello users of wikia, it's me again. This time, however, I'm talking about 5 heroes I'd like to see Arrow, maybe they work with Oliver in some fashion, I don't know. Anyways, here they are.

No. 5

Rose Wilson

Rose Wilson, who in the comics is Slade Wilson's daughter who goes by the name Ravager (Rose, being the fourth incarnation of said persona), is just as deadly as her legendary father, if not moreso...

Perhaps she could be introduced as a girl hailing from Starling City's "Glades", about Roy and Thea's age who, after the abduction of her mother, Lillian Worth (those of you who have read stuff involving Deathstroke probably know Lillian Worth as Rose's mother as well), she tracks down "The Hood" in an attempt to save her. Oliver watches her and discovers her great potential as she searches for him, but even he knows she can't do it alone.

No. 4

Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain, formerly Batgirl, now Black Bat, in the comics, is the only daughter (and biological child) of assassin David Cain, was trained by her dad personally, even possessing scars from said training.

She could be introduced as a girl around Thea's age (as I said with Rose Wilson), here's the full story though: A girl has come to Starling in search of her father, as well as her psychotic adopted brother, both of which she's come to hate. After a local criminal informant is murdered in cold blood, and caught on camera, A.R.G.U.S. identifies her as Cassandra Cain, and she becomes their target. Oliver, finding the truth behind why she killed the man, decides to help her with her goal.

No. 3

Michael Lane

In the comics, Michael Lane is an ex-cop from the Gotham City Police Department who joined a program that was intended to make a replacment for Batman. He joined the Order of Purity, becoming the great and powerful assassin Azrael, slaying evildoers in the name of The Lord. Using the Suit of Sorrows and the Swords of Salvation and Sin, he is powerful, 'nuff said.

Story: An ex-cop hailing from Gotham City and having fallen into a deep depresion, he found a God-worshipping group known as the Order of Purity, became their agent Azrael, and has been dispatched to Starling in search of four targets, traitors of the Order calling themselves "The Four Horsemen." After two have been eliminated, Oliver decides to look into it, and Oliver, unaware of his identiy or intentions, pegs him as some murderer out for blood. After discovering Azrael's true identity and intentions however, as well as the true intentions of Lane's targets, he agrees to help Lane in his cause.

No. 2

Charles Victor Szasz

Known as The Question, Charles Victor Szasz is a great detective who is skilled in hand-to-hand fighting, is a master of disguise, is a shaman, and is literally a genius. He also has no face (or rather, appears as such because of his special mask), and leaves mysterious calling cards that emit giant smoke question marks.

Story: Charles Szasz is a freelance detective who has made his way to Starling, on the call of Quentin Lance for help on an investigation of a woman known as Pandora, who has been known to bring misfortune to anyone she comes in contact with. This misfortune is spreading like a plague across the city, literally, as the people have been dying of a mysterious disease, and everyone knows that this mysterious "Pandora" is responsible. Meanwhle, Oliver gets a mysterious card from a man known as "Victor Sage" that says "Find me." Upon discovering Sage, Oliver finds that he is a vigilante known as "The Question" who has come to "Close Pandora's Box", or die trying.

No. 1

Calvin Rose

Calvin Rose, a character of Batman fame who escaped the grip of the villainous "Court of Owls." This character even has his own spin-off comic, titled Talon, after his vigilante alias.

Story: Calvin Rose is a former performer of Haly's Circus, who, along with many of their performers, was inducted into a "bad crowd." These people trained him to be a master killer, but he hated who they were and what they did. So, he ran away to Starling City, with three assassins in hot pursuit. Oliver, realizing the boy is in trouble, intends to help, but is pegged by Calvin as one of the assassins. After Calvin realizes Arrow is trying to help, they team up and try to kill three birds with one stone.

These are five heroes of the DC Universe I'd like to see adapted into the TV series. What do you guys think? Put it in the comments below.

Oh, and for the record, I had a hard time deciding whether the Number 1 should've been Question (Charles Victor Szasz or Talon (Calvin Rose).