Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great 2015! It's officially 2016 and this marks the wiki's fifth year on Wikia! That's right, after 5 years on Wikia...yea I think I should stop.

To get straight to the point, lets go over some brief history:

  • Arrow Wiki was first created by User:Arrow Roh back on April 14, 2011. She however, made no further edits after creating the wiki and the wiki was left blank for a year.
  • One year after Arrow Roh created the wiki, User:MakeShift adopted the wiki, making it a wiki for CW's Arrow.
  • On July 14, 2014, the Arrow Wiki was officially renamed to the Arrow and the Flash Wiki.
  • Over a year later, the wiki officially became the Arrowverse Wiki.

To celebrate 5 years on Wikia, we will have a few minor celebrations from March 17 until the week of April 14. We have a few in mind but they will be announced once everything is finalized.

Simultaneously, we will have themed weeks. Each week there will be a background customized for a specific show in the Arrowverse:

  • Week 1: Legends of Tomorrow week
  • Week 2: Vixen week
  • Week 3: Constantine week
  • Week 4: The Flash week
  • Week 5: Arrow week

For a brief retrospective of the wiki's first 5 years on Wikia:


Hope everyone has a great 2016!