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    As part of our sourcing policy, citations are required in numerous occasions. Most importantly, we require citations for upcoming information when updating pages regarding seasons, episodes, actors, etc. As many seem to not use sources properly, here is a guide to using them.

    However, there are situations when they aren't used appropriately. One of the key factors in our sourcing policy is that it must come from a reputable source. This means a random twitter user says something they saw/heard at a convention isn't reputable.

    There are even situations where you must be careful when using a reputable source. Wording is very important. For example, a recent situation with the Huntress. Articles stated that both the writers and Jessica De Gouw …

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    Welcome to the first ever Arrowverse Wiki Power Rankings! These type of things exist on many sites, so the admins and I thought we should do something similar. However, we have a twist. Instead of the same person doing it week after week, a new user will re-rank the characters each week. That way we get to see different point of views!

    If you would like to take part of this, contact me or comment here and I'll try to accommodate each user best. Be sure to say which weeks you are best available or if you're always free to do a write-up. Once you're scheduled, please wait your turn to rank the characters,

    There are some minor rules for this, however. While it'll be your own point of view, you must be objective as possible. Don't put a characte…

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    Yes, we know we're incredibly late this year, our apologies. Better late than never, though, right? Before the 2016-2017 season approaches, take this opportunity to vote for you favorites from the 2015-2016 season! Voting will be collected during a 2 week period.

    UPDATE: Voting has concluded, see the results below.

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    Celebrating 5 years

    January 2, 2016 by TimeShade

    Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great 2015! It's officially 2016 and this marks the wiki's fifth year on Wikia! That's right, after 5 years on Wikia...yea I think I should stop.

    To get straight to the point, lets go over some brief history:

    • Arrow Wiki was first created by User:Arrow Roh back on April 14, 2011. She however, made no further edits after creating the wiki and the wiki was left blank for a year.
    • One year after Arrow Roh created the wiki, User:MakeShift adopted the wiki, making it a wiki for CW's Arrow.
    • On July 14, 2014, the Arrow Wiki was officially renamed to the Arrow and the Flash Wiki.
    • Over a year later, the wiki officially became the Arrowverse Wiki.

    To celebrate 5 years on Wikia, we will have a few minor celebrations fro…

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    As many of you know, there is an upcoming spin off for Arrow and The Flash. Originally tentatively called "The Atom", Andrew Kreisberg shot down those rumors, though we would be getting the official title soon.

    Many of you may of also known that Ciara Renée posted a picture of a sign saying "The Flash welcomes Kendra Saunders", though it was quickly confirmed that she wouldn't be in the season finale of The Flash.

    She may not be in the season finale of The Flash BUT they are beginning filming for the spinoff starting Saturday April 11!

    YVRShoots has re-tweeted a photo of filming notice:

    It appears they will use the same production crew as The Flash, "Central City Films".

    As they're beginning production, we should be getting more news soon!

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