Synopsis:Captain Jack Harkness was a happy dude, until one day, the Tardis was exterminated by Darth Dalek and everyone but him died, so the show got cancelled. Jack was stranded on an island for 5 years, but returns home to a city overrun by crime. He becomes The Arrowman.


John Barrowman as Jack Harkness (seasons 1-). Jack is the main character. He is stranded on an island with his only goal to surive, despite being able to leave at any time he wants and has a bunch of friends with him. He becomes the Arrowman because Doctor Who said so on his dying words. He later becomes the John Barrowman because nobody liked Arrowman.

David Ramsey as Leonidas (seasons 1-). A war veteran who now is Jack's bodyguard. He became the vigilante known as Spartan. He is best known for his catchphrase "THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAAAAAN!"

Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Folk (seasons 1-5). Felicity Folk was an ordinary folk by day, but in secret, she was so good at her job, Jack put her on Team Arrowman. She new goes under the name Overwatch, after the game she plays every night.

Colin Donnell as Dr. Connor Rhodes (season 1). Doctor Rhodes was Dalek's son and Jack's BFF. He was a doctor until the Undertaking crushed him, so he moved to Chicago.

Katie Cassidy as Lori Lance (seasons 1-4). She was...there...until she wasn't.

Paul Blackthorne as Lena Luthor's Earth-1 Dopplegänger (Leon Lance; seasons 1-). Being a detective, Leon was able to not discover the identity of Arrowman. 

Willa Holland as Treea Harkness (seasons 1-). Treea was Jack's innocent little sister who loved nature. After the Tardis crashed, she grew even closer to nature with the help of drugs and alcohol. She went to rehab (because drugs are bad) and joined her brother under the name Treedy.

Stephen Amell as Darth Dalek (seasons 1-5). Darth Dalek was the man who exterminated the Tardis. He is the father of Treea and loved her enough to shift allegiances. 

Colton Haynes as Troy Harper (seasons 1-3). Troy was Trea's boyfriend who became Jack's sidekick. He later faked his death to get off of the show, which was suffering low ratings.

Manu Bennett as the most interesting man in the world (seasons 1-2, 5) . He enountered Jack when he was stranded, and befriened him. He later swore vengance on him for saving Rose instead of him beloved vololeyball, Wilson.

Caity Loitz as Rose Tyler (season 2). Rose was one of the companions who everyone thought died when the Tardis crashed. Well...she didn't. She was also Lori's sister and Leon's daughter. She was killed by Treea for stepping on her lawn, but revived to get her own spinnoff called Torchwood, which also had her friends Grey Palmer and ex-companion Rory Williams (who was not there when the Tardis was exterminated). 

Matt Nable as Ra's al Cool (season 3). Ra's was really cool, but was jelous of Arrowman's high ratings, so he made a master plan to sabatoge them. It worked for two whole seasons, but it costed him his life.

Brandon Routh as Grey Palmer (seasons 3-4). Gray was this other rich dude who used his money to become the Molecule. He joined Rose and Rory in their spinnoff.

Neil McDoughnut as Damien Dork (season 4). Damien a result of Mr. Cool's ratings drop. He was such a nerd. He busted into Lori's house and bored her to death by talking about politics. 

Echo Kallum as Curtis Bolt (seasons 4-). The group's hair stylist, after discovering how fast he could make a hairdo, he joined Team Arrowman by default. He uses the codename Mr. T.

Rick Gonzalez as Meané Ramirez (seasons 5-). Meané was very mean. He later became nicer, and changed his name.

Josh Segarra as Adrian the Accountant (season 5). Adrian was an accountant, but when he became the accountant of Jack, he had to do long division, so, instead of quitting his job, he became the villain known as Promatheus

Juliana Harkavy as Crynah Drake (seasons 5-). Crynah's fianceé died, so she mastered the art of crying. She became a member of Team Arrowman because her cry was just that powerful.

Joe Dinicol as Ronald Reagan (season 5). Born and raised in Nowhereville, Ronald was the only survivor when Nowhereville was hit by a nuclear bomb (likely because he was the only actual resident of Nowhereville). He became a vigilante known as Raggamuffin.

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