Everyone's talking about the identity of the mysterious vigilante with the amazing name of Vigilante, and I can't blame them, what else are we gonna talk about until October? There have been many popular theories, some of which genius, others pure nonsense. Over the months, some theories have climbed to the top of discussions.

Suspect 1-Tommy Merlyn: Being a major character in Arrow season 1, which ended with his heartbreaking death, 
Tommy Merlyn

Tommy is the most popular theory for Vigilante's identity.

Tommy became the most common theory for the identity of Vigilante, with supporters' main evidence being that his father, Malcolm, as Ra's al Ghul, had access to the Lazarus Pit, which could revive the dead. However, in the episode of Legends of Tommorow titled Doomworld, where Malcolm rewrote reality, which included Tommy being alive and well, Damien Darhk had Vigilante and other 

Damien Darhk with his trophies

Vigilante's headpiece can be seen in Damien's trophy case

vigilantes with much more creative names in a trophy case. 

Suspect 2-Frank Pike:Captain Pike is well known for his dislike of the Arrow, and was in charge of the Anti-Vigilante Task Force, which tried to arrest the Arrow. In season 5, he was put in a coma.
Frank Pike

Frank Pike is a common suspect for the Vigilante.

Vigilante, while fighting Prometheus, got punched in the face, and for a brief second, you could see their skin color. While Pike is African American, Vigilante is Caucasian.

Vigilante is punched

As you can see, Vigilante is caucasian. Sorry for the bad image, it was the best I could get.

Are there any theories you know of that are totally bogous? If so, feel ffree to comment.