So we probably all saw the arrow season 5 trailer, and the villan, shown at the end of the trailer and revealed by guggenheim to be prometheus, but he is not supposed to be the same character as the comics, and I have a theory on who it is:

Tommy Merlyn.

  1. He used a bow and a sword, the same type of weapons that malcolm uses
  2. the villan is supposed to be a result of oliver's actions, tommy was collateral damage in season 1
  3. He has modivation, at the time of his death, he really loved with laurel, he sacrificed himself so laurel could live, and he could react the kind of way Lance reacted to Laurel being a vigilante, and could blame Oliver for her death.]
  4. For at least 3 months, Malcolm had access to the Lazurus Pit, and since it was his fault that tommy died, he would of felt compelled to bring him back

So what do you guys think?