With Season 3 a couple of months away, I decided I would review the first two seasons of The Flash and some predictions for season 3.

Season 1

At age 11, Barry Allen's life took a turn for the worst when his mother was killed in a freak and bizzare incident. His father was imprisoned for life for her murder. For years, Barry maintained his belief that 'The Man In The Lightning' killed his mother, but was rebuffed and nobody believed him. He moved in with Joe West and his best friend, Iris. Unbeknowst to Iris but known to his mother, father and Joe, Barry had developed a crush on Iris. Years later Barry was struck by lightning and realised he could run at superspeed. With the help of Harrison Wells, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, Barry protects Central City as a guardian angel, gaining new allies such as Firestorm and Team Arrow. Soon the Man in the Yellow Suit appeared, getting Barry's attention, and Barry finally found him; the man he killed his mother. Barry realised that he was much faster and more of a skilled fighter than he was and needed all the help he needed to stop him. While being pummeled by Reverse Flash, he was saved by Firestorm. When Cisco created a machine that could tell all of the events that transpired in the Allen home in 200 via a mirror, Cisco, Joe and Barry learned that he was there that night not just as a child, but as an adult, revealing that The Flash was there that night. Team Flash tracked down Firestorm who learned it was Martin Stein who in control of Ronnie's body. They were gonna explode and cause a huge nuclear explosion. They were separated but were alive. But there problems didn't end there. They were being targeted by General Wade Eiling who set out to learn more about Firestorm. Together Firestorm and Flash defeated Eiling. In the wake of Mark Mardon's tidal wave attack on Central City, Barry and Iris confessed to have loved each other, before Barry revealing his secret to Iris. Barry ran so fast to stop it, he caused a tear in time causing him to travel back in time one day. He stopped Mardon from creating the wave but this meant that he and Iris wouldn't have their moment. Cisco then started getting dreams of Wells killing him and that he was the Reverse Flash, and it was crucial becuase it helped the team discover who Wells really was. There suspicions are proven true when Joe, Cisco and Quintin Lance from the Starling City Police Department found the body of the real Harrison Wells. The team learned that the imposter was Eobard Thawne, who killed the original Wells in the year 2000, and the one who killed his mother. Eobard captured Iris' fiance, Eddie Thawne, to preserve his bloodline as he was Eddie Thawne's distant relative. Eobard distracted Team Flash by unleasing Gorilla Grodd, a gorilla with telepathic abilities. He captured Joe and was becoming hard to defeat until Iris helped Barry defeat Grodd. Eddie was eventually rescued when it was revealed that he was actually in S.T.A.R Labs. Realizing he's too slow, Barry called The Arrow and Firestorm to help him against the Reverse Flash. After some difficulty, they were victorious against Reverse Flash and he was locked in the pipeline. Barry and Eobard talked in the pipeline and Eobard told Barry that in the future he was Eobard's arch enemy, and that they were evenly matched and they couldn't defeat each other. Eobard finally revealed why he killed Nora, and why he was in this time. He said that he killed Nora in a fit of rage because future Barry had whisked his younger self away. He then lost his connection the Speed Force, and was stuck in the past. Eobard arranged for Barry to travel to the night his mother died and save her while he travels in a time sphere to the future. Barry went to the past, but was stopped by his future self not to do it, and Thawne stabbed Nora, but it allowed Barry to have one heartfelt talk with his mother. Barry returned to 2015 and stopped Thawne from going to future. Enraged, Eobard pummeled Barry, but Eddie Thawne, Eobard's distant relative, killed himself, erasing Eobard from history, but it created a paradox that created a singularity, eating up Central City. Armed with the heart of a hero, Barry charged into the eye of the singularity.

Season 1 review: A brilliant season, packed with emotional, action packed content that would leave you off the edge of seat. Great portrayal of the RF as he delievered that fear factor. What would have been better was if more of the original timeline was shown to us. Either way, it was still a great season. 10/10

Season 2

Barry went lone wolf because of the events six months before. Eddie sacrificed himself to stop Eobard, and Ronnie had died trying to stop the singularity. However, after some convincing from Iris and Joe, Barry reassembled Team Flash, not before watching a recording with Caitlin of Eobard confessing that he murdered Nora, releasing Henry. Henry left to allow Barry to work as The Flash. Soon, Team Flash gained a new member when Jay Garrick, from Earth-2, had a dire warning about a evil speedster known as Zoom, but lost his powers in his last battle with Zoom. Team Flash were rocked when a familar face returned: Harrison Wells. However this Wells was from Earth-2 as well, and came to help Barry with Zoom, they eventually trusted him, and he was the one who figured out Cisco was a metahuman and helped him hone his abilities as Vibe. Barry encountered the demonic speedster, Zoom, but was utterly destroyed. Zoom broke his back and paraded his limp and unconscious body around Central City. As a result Barry was paralysed from the waist down temporaily. Criticised for this move, Wells revealed that his daughter Jesse was being held captive by Zoom, and wants to get her back until it's too late. Joe and Iris learned that they had another member known as Wally West. This rocked Joe. They met him during a christmas gathering, and Wells learned Zoom wanted to take Barry's speed, and made Harry agree to stealing his speed. Team Flash were rocked yet again as a familar foe, Eobard Thawne mysteriously returned even though he was erased from existance. Wells revealed that he is a time remnant, the Speed Force had protected him like a bunker and so his remnant had to meet Flash in 2016 rather than 2020 to preserve the timeline. Later, Cisco, Wells and Barry went to Earth-2 to rescue Jesse, but encountered Killer Frost, Deathstorm and Reverb, who were Ronnie's, Caitlin's and Cisco's evil dopplegangers. Zoom killed Deathstorm and Reverb, and took Barry to his lair. There Barry met Jesse and a man in a iron mask, who, by using 5x5 tap code, made out Jay Garrick, but Barry misunderstood and said that Jay Garrick didn't come with them. The gang escaped Earth-2, rescuing Jesse and Barry, and closed the breach but before any celebration could begin, to everyone's complete horror, Zoom killed Jay right infront of Team Flash, devasting Team Flash, especially Caitlin. However, Team Flash found out that Zoom was actually Jay, as they realised Zoom was dying becuase of cellular degeneration as a result of taking the drug known as "Velocity" that would increase a speedsters speed but left some lethal after effects. Barry, realising he made the same mistake twice, was determined more than ever to defeat Zoom. Barry travelled back in time to when Eobard was alive, got a speed equation, returned, and got tachyon enhancement that allowed him to reach mach 13.2. However, Zoom (real name Hunter Zolomon) turned the tables and kidnapped Wally, forcing Barry to give up his powers for Wally's safety. Zoom kidnapped Caitlin to make matters worse. Team Flash then tried to get Barry to get his powers back by doing particle accelerator v2, but it went horribly wrong, as Barry was vapourised, but it later revealed that he was actually in the Speed Force. Undergoing a test, Barry learned to accept his mother's death and returned, with increased speed to go along with coming back. Caitlin escaped Zoom, and was having trouble after what she had seen Zoom do (she saw him kill Killer Frost in cold blood). Zoom then unleased a platoon of Earth-2 metahumans on Earth-1, but Barry defeated them all, and had a high sense of optimism. But that optimism was thrown right outside the park when Zoom killed Henry infront of Barry in the same house Eobard killed Nora. Engulfed with emotional rage, Barry chased Zoom in Central City, beat him and was about to kill him before another Zoom came and killed the other one. It was revealed to be his time remnant. Team Flash locked Barry in the pipeline because he was emotionally angry and then they tried to stop Zoom alone but Joe was kidnapped. Hunter then revealed that the man in the iron mask was actually the real Jay Garrick. Hunter revealed that he wanted to destroy all the multiverse except Earth-1 using a transdimensional shockwave. With the help of time remnants Barry defeated Hunter, gave him the beating of his life, and left him for time wraiths to come and collect. Barry was in a good mood until he was given a big shock. The man in the iron mask was Jay Garrick, but what shocked Barry more was that he was his father's doppleganger from Earth-3. This destroyed Barry inside, and despite him and Iris sharing a kiss, he was too broken inside to flourish a relationship between them. However, Barry did what he couldn't do in season 1; save his mother. He stopped Eobard seconds before he stabs Nora, knocks him out and assures Nora she was safe, but this drastically changes the timeline.

Season 2 review: Yet again a brilliant season, leaving fans off their seat. Zoom was a great villain, delievering a fear factor and delivering a message to fans by breaking Barry's back and showing he was not here to mess about, but faltered in the last stages of the season. However from episode 11 onwards it became almost very confusing with concepts such as time remnants that would leave fans headaches. 9/10 

Season 3: Predictions 

Flashpoint is confirmed to happen this season (if you don't know what Flashpoint is, it is the event of where Barry saving his mother had some massive repurcussions) but not all season. Wally is Kid Flash this season, and a new speedster known as Savitar and Doctor Alchemy will be the big bads of this season. I predict that Wally will retain his powers when Barry fixes the timeline, since not everything will return back to normal and that Flashpoint will last maybe 5 episodes, given that in the comics there were 5 issues of it. Cisco is getting a new suit, and so, if Wally does retain his powers it could be him, Cisco and Barry in a big battle at the end of the season. Black Flash might appear after Barry fixes the timeline, and that's a big 'might' and if he does I wonder how the writers will put him in. Seeing as Green Arrow is getting a costume change he might fit in as the Batman from the Flashpoint reality since Arrow is getting affected by Flashpoint. If you have any thoughts leave them in the comment section.