23: A Matter of Trust (6.3/10)

This season took some time to get going so the earlier episodes weren't the strongest. I found this episode to have a ridiculous premise, weak villain and a team that had yet to grow on me.

22: Spectre of The Gun (6.8/10)

Politics have no place in Arrow, I admired the effort but it ultimately came across as very irritating and in your face. Outside of that Wild Dogs origin story made this episode worth watching.

21: The Recruits (7.2/10)

Once again this season suffered from a slow start, Oliver training his new team was extremely entertaining and funny to watch but it was hard to care about the team themselves. Diggles arc was also very weak and uninteresting to me.

20: Penance (7.3/10)

This episode suffered from being fairly forgettable, the team struggled to stand on their own, the prison break lacked tension. But the action was very well filmed and the flashbacks were improving.

19: Who Are You? (7.6/10)

This whole episode just seemed like a waste, Black Siren honestly didn't add much and was taken out of the picture far to quickly. The flashbacks also stalled quite a bit this weak.

18: Dangerous Liaisons (7.7/10)

An entertaining enough episode, Felicity opposing Team Arrow was very well done but Helix were a recurring weak point this season and a lack of Adrian Chase was very noticeable.

17: Underneath (8/10)

A cool bottle episode, Amell and Rickards chemistry as always was on point, the confined nature worked and was able to balance comedy/drama very well. But the flashbacks were pointless and the episode didn't do enough to contribute to the overall season.

16: Legacy (8/10)

Although not amazing, a rock solid premiere. It was welcome to see a back to basics approach, the action was excellent and the flashbacks were set up to be an interesting story line. But Oliver killing again was very forced and Characters like Thea and Quentin lacked a purpose.

15: Honor Thy Fathers (8.3/10)

Though Stardusts return and Olivers denial over his fathers actions were forced, this episode benefited from re focusing the Prometheus story arc and taking a solid look and Olivers reasons for his crusade.

14: Missing (8.4/10)

While it was heavy on set up for the finale, this episode benefited from Malcolm's return, Chase being a Hannibal Lector style villain and a brief cameo from Deathstroke.

13: Human Target (8.4/10)

For Me, this was when the season really started to take shape, the new team really came into there's own, Rene and Diggle made a good pairing and wrapped up Tobias Church at just the right time.

12: The Sin-Eater (8.6/10)

While the trio of returning villains added nothing and the flashbacks were very weak, a look at the characters and there past sins and regrets made this episode an excellent one.

11: Bratva (8.7/10)

The Russia setting was a nice change of pace and it was good to finally wrap up Diggles fugitive arc. Rene and Quentin also made for a fantastic pairing but the choice to cut out the interview was questionable and Ragmans departure felt rushed.

10: Disbanded (8.8/10)

Olivers broken personality and darker methods were gratifying, putting him against Team Arrow was a nice change of pace but Chases Identity getting out so easily wasn't very believable.

9: Vigilante (8.9/10)

Vigilante was a very different villain and one that worked perfectly, the action was nice, Oliver and Susan worked well together and Olivers confrontation with Kovar was done very well.

8: Checkmate (8.9/10)

My scepticism of Chase being a good choice for Prometheus were immediately faded after this episode, Josh Segarra was amazing in this role and his confrontation with Oliver and Team Arrow set up a perfect dynamic. Only weak point of this episode was the Helix subplot.

7: So It Begins (9/10)

Arrows version of "Enter Zoom" the episode were the hero and villain have they're first real stand off and was done perfectly. The link to season one was also a good touch and was a good hint towards Prometheus' motivations.

6: Second Chances (9.1/10)

This episode introduced the perfect new Black Canary, she was much rougher and meaner, the flashbacks with Talia made some real head Way in their ultimate conclusion and Rene and Curtis made for a nice pairing.

5: Kapiushon (9.3/10)

"I Wanted To and I Liked It!" That is all

4: Fighting Fire With Fire (9.5/10)

The episode that really kicked this season into gear, Prometheus and Vigilante both as the villains made for bigger stakes, A focus on Oliver as Mayor and Green Arrow was a good change and the Prometheus reveal really did suprise me.

3: Invasion (9.7/10)

The perfect 100th episode, it relied on the fans knowledge and love for the show, was able to honor the shows past and is the only episode of the show to make me cry.

2: Lian Yu (10/10)

After two disappointing finales, this episode proved to be an incredible end to an excellent season, all the returning characters fit in well, Deathstroke and Oliver being back together was such a treat, Adrian ultimately winning felt fitting and had an excellent cliffhanger. One of the best finales I've ever seen.

1: What We Leave Behind (10/10)

The episode that truly showed me this show was heading in the right direction. Without a doubt one of my favourites of the entire series. Prometheus was such a good villain, a threat both physically and mentally, the ending was bleak yet uplifting and the flashbacks to season 1 made me proud of how much of this show I've been there to see.

This is all my opinion, completely subjective. This season was a nice return to form after season 4 and I'd give the season as a whole an 8.8/10

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