• The Turncoat

    An overall very good season, even if it could have been a bit better. My ranking of all its episodes.

    23: Irreconcilable Differences

    Possible the shows most disappointing episode, it had the chance to put the season in the right track but instead it was just full of cringe worthy humour, forced character drama and out of character decisions.

    22: Divided

    The team arrow split was immediately a sore point, it didn’t work here and not through most of the season. The only thing that redeems this episode was Oliver versus Cayden James’ cabal.

    21: Shifting Allegiances

    A bit disappointing after a strong run of episodes. It did progress the season forward well but the action sequences and character drama just weren’t at their usual strength

    20: Doppelgäng…

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  • The Turncoat

    23: A Matter of Trust (6.3/10)

    This season took some time to get going so the earlier episodes weren't the strongest. I found this episode to have a ridiculous premise, weak villain and a team that had yet to grow on me.

    22: Spectre of The Gun (6.8/10)

    Politics have no place in Arrow, I admired the effort but it ultimately came across as very irritating and in your face. Outside of that Wild Dogs origin story made this episode worth watching.

    21: The Recruits (7.2/10)

    Once again this season suffered from a slow start, Oliver training his new team was extremely entertaining and funny to watch but it was hard to care about the team themselves. Diggles arc was also very weak and uninteresting to me.

    20: Penance (7.3/10)

    This episode suffered from be…

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