Following the events of Public Enemy; my take on several issues. Feel free to share your thoughts.

-Lance has reverted to his hate for the Arrow purely due to the death of Sara and how the Arrow and Laurel concealed the truth from him. His judgement is so hyporcitical considering the many times Oliver saved the city and also how he encouraged Oliver to kill again to save Laurel from Slade in the Season 2 Finale. I can understand his anguish as losing a child would be unbearable for a parent. However following the revelation of Oliver being Arrow, instead of issuing an APB, he could've confronted Oliver in a more upfront manner and asked him for the truth before making a judgement on what to do with the Arrow. 

-Lance cannot solely blame Oliver for everything bad which has happened. Malcom Merlyn was the reason Oliver was marooned on Lian Yu. Or was Danny Brickwell? If Brick never killed Rebecca, Malcolm would still just be an ordinary rich businessman living with his family most likely, hence no plans for an Undertaking would've occurred. Therefore there never would've been a boat trip that would be sabotaged and Sara would never have joint the League of Assassins (neither would Malcom obviously). 

-So here are a list of people who would still be alive if Malcolm Merlyn never initiated his need for revenge for the death of his wife: 

Robert Queen, Moira Queen, Tommy Merlyn, Sara Lance, Frank Chen, Adam Hunt. Unidac Industries workers. Josiah Hudson (head of Queen Consolidated Security)

Shado and Yao Fei would have at least not died as a direct result of some event which Oliver directly or indirectly influenced. Slade Wilson would likely never have been injected with Mirakuru (unless Ivo managed to still come to Lian Yu and find Slade and inject him), every innocent which died at his hands or that of his Mirakuru soldiers would never have died.

- Even though Ollie is a killer he has done more good than bad for Starling. Okay now I'll highlight Lance being very ungrateful and listing several key events which Oliver helped him personally or the city:

Gave him the evidence to lock up Martin Sommers for the murder of Victor Nocenti. Helped Laurel uncover the truth about an innocent man who was being framed for his wife's murder and got a confession out of the person behind it. Rescued the hostages Malcolm took at Christmas time in his bid to draw out the Arrow before finding out he was Ollie. Helped quell the problem of Vertigo on several occassions. Rescued Laurel from Cyrus Vanch right after Lance tried to capture the Arrow using Laurel as bait. Managed to prevent Helena from killing her father on many occassions. Stopped the murderous man who referred to himself as the 'Saviour'. Gave Lance an earlier warning thna Moira's about the Undertaking. 

To be honest CBF the rest haha

i think u get the gist but