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  • The Ghost of John Teller

    Following the events of Public Enemy; my take on several issues. Feel free to share your thoughts.

    -Lance has reverted to his hate for the Arrow purely due to the death of Sara and how the Arrow and Laurel concealed the truth from him. His judgement is so hyporcitical considering the many times Oliver saved the city and also how he encouraged Oliver to kill again to save Laurel from Slade in the Season 2 Finale. I can understand his anguish as losing a child would be unbearable for a parent. However following the revelation of Oliver being Arrow, instead of issuing an APB, he could've confronted Oliver in a more upfront manner and asked him for the truth before making a judgement on what to do with the Arrow. 

    -Lance cannot solely blame Oliv…

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  • The Ghost of John Teller

    Im new to doing this sort of stuff. Well here goes.

    I am a big fan of both the Flash and Arrow and have watched every episode to date. There hasn't been one episode that I didn't enjoy and I am very envious of the manner in which the writers and producers tell their story. However I am not somebody who has read the comic books (It isn't as big in my country as perhaps the US). I really enjoyed Arrow Season 1 (not saying i hate Season 3, but there was just something about Season 1 that probably makes it my favourite Season in a tv show ever). Arrow Season 1 stuck to a more realistic approach, for instance dealing with villains like the Triad, Bertinelli family, Dodger and Malcom Merlyn as the Dark Archer whereas now in Season 3 meta-humans f…

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