In DC comics Zoom is shown to be Hunter Zolomon Wally West's Reverse Flash. In the comics he is not a speedster, instead he uses time manipulation power to fight Wally West. And he creates Lightning Bolt of his body through a special effect to show that he is just like him. In other words, He has no speed rather he slows down time to see a speedster running at a normal speed. And when he uses that ability he runs at normal speed shown to be super speed.

In The Flash, Barry Allen is defeated by Zoom. But many things didn't made understsnd to us. For example: How come Zoom Caught Barry's lightning bolt or why didn't Barry also caught it. Well, Zoom is not a Speedster. He uses time manipulation to see Barry's lightning. Also, many of you may say about Zoom's Lightning Surging through his body. No speedster creates lightning unless he runs and Zoom's lightning still surged through his body when he wasn't running. Practically, he must have been using some kind of special effects. Most of you might also say that if he is no speedster then howcome he stole Jay's speed or howcome he put his hand in Jay's body before the singularity pulled him in. He didn't stole Jay's speed rather the singularity got powered up due to his speed or he stole his speed to power up his time manipulation power and we saw in "Enter Zoom" that he put his claw in Barry's body to cripple him, that is how he put his hand in Jay's body.

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