Despite a slightly underwhelming start this has been a really great season of the flash so far and this is my order of episodes so far

9: The Man Who Saved Central City Not A terrible episode but was a very underwhelming and formulaic season premiere with a pretty bad villain and honestly I didn't really care that much when Romnnie died. But all the characters were just as good as they were in season 1 and wells confession was brilliant. Score= 5.9

8: Family of Rogues I wasn't a fan of the plot of this episode I thought there was no need to for smarts dad and it was a bit boring. But I love Wentworth Miller and Barryas hilarious. Score=6.7

7: Flash of Two Worlds A big improvement over the premiere Jay and Patty were great introductions but I really didn't like how jay didn't have his speed anymore. Still a good episode and I really like seeing Cisco use his power more Score=7.9

6: Gorilla Warfare I fell in love with the new Wells in his introduction and this was a great episode for him great to see Grodd back and still as well animated and I love Henrynon the show and k really liked his return. Barry was a little boring though as it felt to much like like last years episode 7. Score=8.3

5: Running To Stand Still Three of my favourite villains came together on this show and it was handled great Mark Hamill was hilarious as the trickster and Wally west was great for his one scene. But it didn't really do enough to advance to plot of the season as it felt like it was to ring out who Zoom was. But I love that scene where Barrh forgives Wells one of my favourites all year. Score=8.5

4: The Darkness and The Light I was surprised by this episode as I didn't think it would be all that good but was my second favourite episode when it came out and I loved the new Wells just as good as the old one. Dr Light was a bit irritating as a villain but still loved the episode. Score=8.8

3: Legends Of Today Definitely not as good as last years crossover exceptional none the less. Savage was chilling I could tell from the first scene. All the fights were great the characters all together was great. The Star labs arc was a but boring though and could have been saved for another episode. Score=9.0

2: The Fury of Firestorm After a bit of a slow start this season really picked up with this episode. I love Firestorm and he finally got his own villain and Jay was a much better addition than Ronnie. The Villain was understandable I mean who wouldn't be annoyed if they couldn't be a superhero Score=9.2

1: Enter Zoom Was there really any doubt. Zoom was terrifying which was satisfying as I though he might be a bit of a repetitive villain. Linda was hilarious it was intense the ending was heartbreaking and it really had consequences for everyone. Score=9.4

Arrow Season 4 to come soon