This season of arrow has been so good so far I can quite decide if I like this more than season 2 yet but is easily the focused of all arrow seasons and has had a lot of stand out moments

9: Lost Souls This was unfortunately this episode was to packed for its own good. To many characters made it very overstuffed. Sara and Ray were very underused a shame as it was so good to see them back. It was hilarious though Score=5.5

8: Haunted I was never a big fan of Constantine and wasn't overjoyed for this episode but I really liked him in this episode. But out other than him and the soul recovery not much of note happened. Score=6.5

7: Green Arrow This was a great premiere it showed an immediate change Damien Darhk was set up as a great villain. The action was well done and Oliver finally becoming the Green Arrow worked. But honestly compared to the other episodes now it doesn't compare much. Score=8.2

6:The Candidate This seemed like it was going to be a formulaic episode but ended up being better than I thought with Anarky being a great villain who I can't wait to see again and Curtis was a great addition to the cast. But Jeri Ryan's character was pretty boring and under-utilised. Score=8.6

5: Beyond Redemption Another very suprising episode as it was more of an emotional episode than an action packed one and Oliver and Quentins scene finally allowed a years worth of tension to be released. It did suffer from weak villains with the anti vigilantism task force. Score=8.8

4: Dark Waters The mid-season finally is always a stand out always delivering something. This episode made me laugh, cry and be scared. It was great to se Malcolm have a bigger role as I think he needs to be used more. Bu I feel like the reveal with HIVE wasn't what we needed as it should have been something more concrete. Please don't die felecity Score=8.9

3: Legends of Yesterday I really can't say anything new than what I said with the flash. Score=9.1

2: Brotherhood Diggle is such a good character and this was one of his best episodes. Darhk continued to be as intriguing as always. And the fights scenes were fantastic please get this director back more. Score= 9.2

1: Restoration I loved this episode so much. I loved how I blended everything. With felecity being hilarious Oliver and John making up. Double Down was a really good villain with cool powers. Sara's resurrection was perfect for what it needed to be. Honestly I don't know how the rest of the season is going to beat this episode. Score=9.5