The Flash had such a great season I loved it and these are my top 10 episodes of The Flash Season 1 and my favourite moment from each of them:

10: Fast Enough: Easily Eddie committing suicide to stop the reverse flash.

9: The Man In The Yellow Suit: Wells is revealed to be the Reverse Flash

8: Revenge Of The Rogues: The Flash vs Captain Cold and Heatwave.

7: All Star Team Up: "The Atom Lives".

6: Pilot: Wells reading the newspaper from 2024.

5: Going Rogue: Basically any scene with Wentworth Miller.

4: Out Of Time: Barry going back in time

3: Fallout: Firestorm and Flash teaming up.

2: Flash vs Arrow: Read the title of the episode.

1. Tricksters: "You Have To Admit That was One Hell of A Trick"

Thank you my Arrow list should be coming soon