As promised this is my list for my favourite episodes from my favourite TV show Arrow as well as my Favorite moments from each episode:

Season 1:

5: Home Invasion: "What happened to you on that island"-"Your about to find out"

4: The Odyssey: Any Scene where Oliver and Slade interact

3: Dead To Rights: Oliver revealing his identity to Tommy

2: Darkness on the Edge of Town: Malcolm beating up Arrow

1: Sacrifice: Tommy and Oliver saying goodbye

Season 2:

10: State vs Queen: Oliver kills Count Vertigo

9: City of Heroes: Oliver decides on a new name

8: Time of Death: The Clock King crippling The Arrowcave

7: Deathstroke: Oliver vs Slades Goons

6: The Scientist: Barry Allen

5: The Promise: Any Scene where Oliver and Slade interact

4: Tremors: Oliver revealing his identity to Roy

3: Blind Spot: The Arrow vs Brother Blood

2: Unthinkable: Oliver locking up Slade in Lian Yu

1: Three Ghosts: Slade in Present Day

Season 3:

10: Canaries: Laurel Overcoming her fears

9: The Return: Any Scene where Oliver and Slade Interact

8: Nanda Parbat: "Welcome to Nanda Parbat"

7: The Calm: The Arrow vs Oliver Queen

6: The Climb: Oliver "Dies"

5: Guilty: Oliver and Roy

4: The Brave and the Bold: Oliver and Barry debating how the price of being a hero

3: Uprising: The Glades Riot

2: The Offer: Oliver considering being Ra's Al Ghul

1: Broken Arrow: ALL OF IT

Well thank you for reading can't wait for Arrow and Flash to be back