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    This season of arrow has been so good so far I can quite decide if I like this more than season 2 yet but is easily the focused of all arrow seasons and has had a lot of stand out moments

    9: Lost Souls This was unfortunately this episode was to packed for its own good. To many characters made it very overstuffed. Sara and Ray were very underused a shame as it was so good to see them back. It was hilarious though Score=5.5

    8: Haunted I was never a big fan of Constantine and wasn't overjoyed for this episode but I really liked him in this episode. But out other than him and the soul recovery not much of note happened. Score=6.5

    7: Green Arrow This was a great premiere it showed an immediate change Damien Darhk was set up as a great villain. Th…

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  • The Blue Hood

    Despite a slightly underwhelming start this has been a really great season of the flash so far and this is my order of episodes so far

    9: The Man Who Saved Central City Not A terrible episode but was a very underwhelming and formulaic season premiere with a pretty bad villain and honestly I didn't really care that much when Romnnie died. But all the characters were just as good as they were in season 1 and wells confession was brilliant. Score= 5.9

    8: Family of Rogues I wasn't a fan of the plot of this episode I thought there was no need to for smarts dad and it was a bit boring. But I love Wentworth Miller and Barryas hilarious. Score=6.7

    7: Flash of Two Worlds A big improvement over the premiere Jay and Patty were great introductions but …

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    Unless Legends of Tomorrow ends up begin a complete disaster its,likely not to be CWs last spin off. So I want to know who you want to see get their own shows. I personally want:

    -Mr Terrific



    -Blue Beetle

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  • The Blue Hood

    As promised this is my list for my favourite episodes from my favourite TV show Arrow as well as my Favorite moments from each episode:

    Season 1:

    5: Home Invasion: "What happened to you on that island"-"Your about to find out"

    4: The Odyssey: Any Scene where Oliver and Slade interact

    3: Dead To Rights: Oliver revealing his identity to Tommy

    2: Darkness on the Edge of Town: Malcolm beating up Arrow

    1: Sacrifice: Tommy and Oliver saying goodbye

    Season 2:

    10: State vs Queen: Oliver kills Count Vertigo

    9: City of Heroes: Oliver decides on a new name

    8: Time of Death: The Clock King crippling The Arrowcave

    7: Deathstroke: Oliver vs Slades Goons

    6: The Scientist: Barry Allen

    5: The Promise: Any Scene where Oliver and Slade interact

    4: Tremors: Oliver revealin…

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  • The Blue Hood

    The Flash had such a great season I loved it and these are my top 10 episodes of The Flash Season 1 and my favourite moment from each of them:

    10: Fast Enough: Easily Eddie committing suicide to stop the reverse flash.

    9: The Man In The Yellow Suit: Wells is revealed to be the Reverse Flash

    8: Revenge Of The Rogues: The Flash vs Captain Cold and Heatwave.

    7: All Star Team Up: "The Atom Lives".

    6: Pilot: Wells reading the newspaper from 2024.

    5: Going Rogue: Basically any scene with Wentworth Miller.

    4: Out Of Time: Barry going back in time

    3: Fallout: Firestorm and Flash teaming up.

    2: Flash vs Arrow: Read the title of the episode.

    1. Tricksters: "You Have To Admit That was One Hell of A Trick"

    Thank you my Arrow list should be coming soon

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