My writing opinon in adding Booster Gold & future Blue Beetle to the Arrowverse

Nathan Fillion -  In my opinion Booster Gold in the Arrow-verse is the perfect fit to introduce in Legends of Tomorrow S3 (you could dream a new team member) . He is known for his great and iconic tv personas and Arrow-verse is a much much better place for a character like booster gold compared to the current gloomy thing DCEU has going on. Just imaging Booster Gold on the Waverider with a cowboy (s3 legends has hinted at people/places/things scattered in the wrong timezone) cracking a joke about ' a space cowboy... really.' hahahhahaha. 

Besides that he has expressed real intrest in the role being a fav of his, with even friends such as Alan Tudyk going as far to say he would love to be Blue Beetle if Fillion was in. While I am not 100% with Blue Beetle beyond the inital firefly actors sharing the screen again this is a nice boost for someone to explore the Nathan Fillion role. I mean using a character such a Booster lends creative freedom for the humor and light hearted sense the CW arrowverse has captured so well within the comic faithful stories. Between Skeets (for those who dont know, the robotic sidekick of Booster) interacting with Gideon on a Legends episode to Booster & Beetle both making an arrowverse apperance or perminant stay the options are endless for these two. 

Arrow and the Flash have seperatly hinted at Kord Industries many times but have offically said no Beetle due to DCEU complications, yet DCEU have backed off and allowed the arrowverse to do its own thing in the way of previous establish big screen heros like Superman. So why not Beetle... & Gold, as I said all of this is my own personal thoughts and I dont think it would be read by anyone with creative influence at CW, not to mention the issues that would arise, but eventually with CW backing we could be seeing a great Booster & Beetle hit the small screen.