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  • TheLegendaryGuardian44227

    I got this idea from a terrific image of impulse with Garrick, Barry & Wally. Essentially I love this idea that Titans (the newly announced teen titans live action) may join the Arrowverse. With Flash exploring the concept of time travel to the future, a perfect Segway to Impulse appears. For those who do not know who Impulse is he is a future descendent of Barry Allen , a speedster, of course named Bart Allen. Anyway.... with season 3 closing and the assumption (a given if you ask me) that Iris will be saved then Barry and Iris' future & descendents will be saved too.

    So early on in season 4 ( titans is coming roughly ) Bart allen comes to visit his ansectors and meet team Flash. ( with some great humour, check out young justice's introduc…

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  • TheLegendaryGuardian44227

    My writing opinon in adding Booster Gold & future Blue Beetle to the Arrowverse

    Nathan Fillion -  In my opinion Booster Gold in the Arrow-verse is the perfect fit to introduce in Legends of Tomorrow S3 (you could dream a new team member) . He is known for his great and iconic tv personas and Arrow-verse is a much much better place for a character like booster gold compared to the current gloomy thing DCEU has going on. Just imaging Booster Gold on the Waverider with a cowboy (s3 legends has hinted at people/places/things scattered in the wrong timezone) cracking a joke about ' a space cowboy... really.' hahahhahaha. 

    Besides that he has expressed real intrest in the role being a fav of his, with even friends such as Alan Tudyk going as far t…

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