This post is simply about things I hope to see in the next Season of Arrow.

1. Fallout from the Season 5 Finale. Basically I would like to see a major character die from the explosion as harsh as that sounds. My personal hope is Samantha so that we can see more of William and Oliver in a Dad role.

2. More Diggle. This show often sidelines Diggle but in the last 2 seasons, they have given him storylines involving Andy and The Military General. These storylines have been great and would like to see more of them.

3. Curtis get better at fighting. I would love to see Curtis be a competent fighter when the Season begins, it would just be good to see a noticable progression.

5. Black Siren. Lol I love Black Siren, whether they redeem her or keep her as a villain isn't important we just need more of her character.

6. Thea come back full time as Speedy.

7. A Flash and Arrow Rematch.

8. For Oliver to have a true moment where the city recognises him as a hero (It's been a while)

This is my bucketlist of things I want most from Season 6. 8 things might be a bit much to want but oh well. Let me know what you guys would like to see in Season 6.