Ok so if anyone even clicked onto this post they are probably groaning already but just hear me out.

It is currently unknown whether Olicity is endgame or not but most people would agree that it probably is whether you agree with that decision or not. I would personally prefer Oliver to be with Earth-2 Laurel at this point but if Olicity is endgame I have one hope for their relationship. Stop the drama, stop the annoying Felicity and make their relationship sweet and happy just like Barry and Iris and don't have Oliver become some whining, pandering child. If they can make their relationship happy and fun while keeping Oliver serious and dark then I will be ok with Olicity being endgame.

Now comment below and slam me for accepting Olicity, liking Earth-2 Laurel, complaining about Olicity and saying Barry and Iris are a great couple. I only said that because these seem to be controversial lol.