I thought I would just make a post to say that this year has been a great year for the Arrowverse. I know most of the shows still have a few episodes left but I'm just gonna say it now.

Arrow has had a brillaint year and recovered from the tragedy that was Season 4. 10/10

Flash started off this year pretty bad but has recovered and become quite a good season. 8.5/10

Legends of Tomorrow had a magnificient year. 9/10

Supergirl has had a bit of a rough year but I have honestly enjoyed it quite a lot. 7.5/10

Also I would like to know how everyone else has felt about the show's this year so leave a comment below about stuff you liked and criticisms you may have.

As far as criticism's go, try to leave out Olicity and Kara & Mon-El because I think those subjects have been covered enough already :D.