SPOILERS For Arrow Season 5 Episode 14 - The Sin-Eater

So this is just another blog about specific clues to Prometheus's Identity.

In the most recent episode, Oliver found Prometheus's mother (Justin Claybourne's wife) and it is pretty much confirmed that Prometheus is their son. She refused to give his real name so this leads me to suspect that Prometheus really is someone we have seen before so lets go into the clues.

Prometheus is a White Male.

He is a member of the SCPD (Maybe).

He has built up an immunity to Diazepam.

He know's Oliver is the Hood/Arrow and Green Arrow.

He has the same training as Oliver.

He knows about The List.

Ok so for the first clue we know that Prometheus is a White Male because his parents are both White and it is confirmed that Prometheus is a man.

Prometheus had access to the SCPD lockup so that means he is either a member of the SCPD or he is someone who knows where the SCPD lockup is located.

Diazepam is a drug that is used to treat Anxiety, Vertigo, Insomnia, Spastic Muscular Paresis, Stiff Person Syndrome, Hallucinations and Oxygen Toxicity. To build up an immunity to this drug it requires you to consume a large amount. It is possible that Prometheus suffers from one of these disorders.

This is a big clue, to know Oliver is the Hood/Arrow and the Green Arrow, it would require you to be someone who knows Oliver Queen personally or knows a member of Team Arrow personally.

Prometheus seems to have the same level of training as him which has led Oliver to the assumption that he was trained by Talia al Ghul, another explanation is that Prometheus was taught to fight by Oliver himself.

For Prometheus to know about The List, this requires Prometheus to know Oliver personally or know a member of Team Arrow personally.

So considering the fact that Prometheus's real name has been hidden from us and he wears a mask I think it is safe to assume that Prometheus is someone we have seen before.

So who do we know from the show that is a White Male, would be able to get into the SCPD Evidence Locker, be on Prescription Medication, know Oliver's secrets and has the same training as him?

Roy Harper