• TheDoctor230

    Man the mayors in star city are dropping like flies.

    1st mayor was mayor Altman and he was killed in 2x01

    2nd mayor-elect was Moira Queen and she was killed in 2x20

    3rd mayor was Sebastian Blood who was killed in 2x22

    4th mayor was Celia Castle and she was killed in 3x18

    5th mayor was Ruve Darhk who was killed in 4x22

    6th mayor was Oliver Queen who got life in prison in 6x23.

    7th mayor was Quentin Lance who was killed in 6x23

    This show has gone through 7 mayors in 4 and a half years (2x01 - 6x23) and the only one who has lived was Oliver.

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  • TheDoctor230

    Boy where to even begin with this season, the season of Bipolar character arcs that never felt like a season long struggle.

    This season started off pretty badly, picking up from the events of Lian Yu and the fallout from the explosion turned out to be non-existant considering that only Samantha died on the Island and then we have to deal with the return of Olicity. On top of that we had Black Siren working for Cayden James for no real reason.

    Things only got worse from there when Oliver gave up the Hood, got back together with Felicity, ruined Barry and Iris's wedding and argued with each other for the majority of the first half of the season. The story with Cayden James was dull and bored me to death as every episode in the first half was a…

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  • TheDoctor230


    Guys something is happening with Arrow but I can't tell what. There has been a huge shakeup in regards to Season 7, no Thea, Roy's back, Guggenheim and Mericle are no longer in charge and now its confirmed that Quentin isn't returning next year.

    Something is happening behind the scenes that we don't know about, don't know if something has happened or if the show is about to take a new direction.

    Let me know what you guys think.

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  • TheDoctor230 Wow just looking at this photoshopped photo of Oliver and the first thing that Oliver must think is "Damn, I really hate the fake news"

    Hopefully everyone had a laugh and didn't take any of this seriously :D

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  • TheDoctor230

    Arrow Writers

    April 10, 2018 by TheDoctor230

    I read an article somewhere about an interview with I think David Ramsay where he said some of the writers are leaving at the end of Season 6. This news along with Roy Harpers return has actually given me hope for this show and legitimately made me think that this show might return to being amazing. Really hope nothing too bad happens in the rest of season 6 that would make me give up on the show *cough* Olicity babies *cough*.

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