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    Spoilers for Arrow Season 6 Episode 2

    Ok guys so the latest episode of Arrow has just come out and the overarching feeling I am getting is about where this Season will end. I just have a weird feeling that this season is building up to Olivers death. I do have a few reasons for this;

    1. Oliver is passing on the mantle to Diggle. This is an indicator that we might be heading into the final chapter for Oliver because he is handing the mantle of Green Arrow to Diggle and Diggle isn't in the right place to be the main hero. What I think will happen is Diggle will fail and Oliver will have to take back his mantle to inevitably save the city and that will lead to his death.

    2. Oliver is starting to do well with William. William's biggest fear at th…

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  • TheDoctor230


    Ok so I just want to simply talk about what I thought of this episode as there were good bits and bad bits.


    Brilliant action sequences as always (I honestly thought Oliver killed those guys at the start).

    Black Siren was great (Dunno if she can get redeemed now but she was still great)

    We got to see Oliver as a father.

    Wild Dog and Black Canary got fantastic new suits.

    Good setup for the next episode and the season as a whole.

    Felicity wasn't annoying in this episode.

    The Quentin and Black Siren Twist was fantastic.

    More Slade scenes.


    The Island Flashbacks were done pretty badly, they were in short cuts way too often and the acting wasn't done very well besides the Quentin one.

    Thea's fate is still to be determined…

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  • TheDoctor230

    Those Photo's

    October 12, 2017 by TheDoctor230


    Ok so we have seen plenty of discussion and a few posts about this already but I want to just quickly point out 2 things about those photo's of Oliver and Felicity.

    1. Oliver and felicity are in normal clothes and not wedding attire, but Barry and Iris are.

    2. In those photo's, neither Oliver nor Felicity is wearing wedding rings.

    This makes me question what is going on in that photo, as to whether it is legitimately Olicity ruining the crossover and the West/Allen Wedding or if there is something else going on.

    Worth noting this is 95% denial and misery because I'm upset that this shit is back.

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  • TheDoctor230

    Ok guys so I just found an article about the possible redemption of Black Siren. I know a lot of you don't think that the writers will do it and some of you don't think she can be redeemed but I found an article that is worth a read.

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  • TheDoctor230

    Vixen and Constantine

    October 3, 2017 by TheDoctor230

    Just have 2 questions:

    Is Vixen getting a third Season?

    Is Constantine coming back? I heard a while ago that it is coming back as a web series like Vixen.

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