• Tcurrier

    Is Adrian Vigilante?

    February 23, 2017 by Tcurrier

    When Vigilante was revealed, we were all thinking it was Adrian Chase his comic book identity, but in the last few episodes there are things that have made me question that.

    1. No hints

    Aside from showing Adrian has a temper, we have had no real hints to show that Adrian is Vigilante.

    2. Adrian was in the hospital

    After Adrian was shot and in the hospital Oliver told him to stay there, but vigilante showed up soon after, and to go along with #1 no one was like: "Yeah, Adrian left the hospital after you Oliver." And Vigilante didn't seem like he had just taken a bullet wound.

    3. The plot of episode 15

    The main plot of episode 15 is that Vigilante is trying to kill Oliver for being corrupt, but if Adrian was Vigilante he already knew what happened…

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