Eobard Thawne was born in the future right? At around 2151? If so than how did he survive? He was born in an unlucky time period where Vandal Savage conquered the world, he released a deadly virus pandemic around the world 5 years ago. Vandal had his own organiation to keep the world in check for the rebels that may try to stop his rule. However, Savage knew that in the end, no one can stop him, not even Rip Hunter and his friends because why woud they, they are the most stupidest people the timeline has ever seen. Since no one was able to stop Savage, the world was unfortuanately covered with the darkness of fear.Day day, the world was filled with chaos and devestaion. Day by day, shots fired in the hopless battle of domination. Day by day, homes were destroyed and some of the most beautiful places of the world were left in the void of oblivion. And along with that were billions, trillions of people to rot away with it.  All of this was all in Eobard's wake. How did this chaos ridden kid was able to become one of the most brilliant professors in his time when this was going on? From ordinary, poor kid to the genius and one of the most threating villians people who read comic books everywhere all know and love Eobard Thawne, we will cover all of it here and now. I am SuperBen 1000000 and this is my theory. Hope you guys enjoy and write more theories that make more sense and cover more evidence.

Eobard Thawne was born in 2151 to many successful people, including his parents, who are which genetic engineers. They modified Eobard to be intelligent, as they all came from again, many successful people and to be polite. However, this proved to be of no use, as Per Degatron had presumably released the virus had started the war for world conquest, killing millions of people, forcing Eobard's parents to lose their jobs by the time Eobard turned 2, forcing them to flee in a bunker from one of their numerous successful relatives, a doctor.They were searching for a vaccine for the Armeggedon virus, hoping that they can help their son, themselves, and possibly the world.They finally found a cure due to help from many of their relatives in the year that passed. Unfortunately, meanwhile outside the residence/lab Eobard and his parent's, uncles, aunts, and numerous other relatives lived in Per Degatron was killed by his tutor/advisor Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage then demanded the army to find every person who is a threat to Vandal and the Armeggedon Virus. He also proceeded to conquering many parts of the world, in more profeciency than Per ever did and killed many who seeked a cure or was a threat to Savage with ease. It wasn't long for Vandal to identify the Thawnes as a threat also. Knowing this Vandal then planned a sneak attack after discovering where they fleed. The Thawnes were already aware that this might eventually happened however greatly underestimated Vandal Savage's army. Though they wern't unprepared, as they were planning to escape to a friend's refuge, known to Eobard Thawne's parents pretty well. Unfortunatly however, they did make the cure successful, but didn't have enough to mass produce. They then heard the yell of Vandal Savage, telling them to surrender the virus vaccine or else they will release the virus in to the bunker and lock them out until they die. They refused surrender the vaccine, as they could save millions and will be remembered as legends. Due to their defiance, Vandal then released the virus, unknowingly to the Thawnes and wasn't discovered until Eobard almost died. They saved him by injecting the vaccine into him, but however couldn't save themselves. Their relative was luckily saved due to creating another vaccine himself and they planned for their escape. However, it meant that only two could live, as Eobard's parents had the virus and could spread to many other Thawne family members and friends. Luckily, infant Eobard and his uncle were luckily able to escape though Savage blew up the bunker, killing his parents with it instantly.

Eobard and his uncle made it over, though the vaccine was incomplete, so this wasn't a guarentee that it would actually cure . This killed his relative, who Eobard had to see with his own eyes when at a young age. Luckily, he was able to live due to having many relatives who love him and are willing to take care of him. Eobard had to constanly flee from refuge to another in order to ensure safety. Along the way, Eobard saw many deaths, the shot of a gun instantly killing a friend, another relative of another. Eobard never recovered from the experince, even after Savage's death, leading to his unstable nature.

To be continued....................