Yep, another one of these "Savitar theory blogs". Here's my take on it.

After spending a lot of time trying to think of which character that Barry knows could be Savitar, it dawned on me. What if Savitar isn't a person, what if Savitar is the Philosopher's Stone itself. Before you start shooting me down with accusations of this a crack theory, please hear me out.

Well one thing that always stuck out to me with Savitar is, why is he so heavily connected to the Philosopher's Stone? There doesn't seem to be anyone who can use the Philosopher's Stones many powers better than Savitar can. I mean sure, Savitar could have been the first to find the Stone and unlock its secrets. But it's seriously to the point where his life seems to be linked to the Stone. What if there's more to that? What if the reason why Savitar has such power over the Philosopher's Stone is because it's a part of him, or more accurately he's a part of it. The Philosopher Stone is sentient, with Savitar either being a manifestation of the Stone, or the Stone possessing some person as its puppet.

Now it looks as though that Savitar channels the stone to possess others (namely Julian). But what if it's actually the Stone itself that is possessing them? For whatever reason, it is an inanimate object, so it needs mobile hosts to do its dirty work. Whenever Julian hears Savitar voice in his head, he gets drawn towards the Stone and becomes Alchemy.

I just thought it was a little too convenient that; whenever the Stone got released from the box, Savitar emerged from the Speed Force. And once the box closes, Savitar gets sucked back. But then you ask; if the Stone was in the real world then why is it trying to get Savitar out? Well because Savitar is the Stone's primary host/body, but it got sealed into the Speed Force at some point in the future, leaving the Stone in the real world being unable to act.

Now as of the latest episode, Savitar stepped out of his suit of armor revealing himself to be someone Caitlin/Killer Frost trusts. The obvious answer is Ronnie. But what if this is just one of the Stone's mind tricks, like Julian seeing his sister or Cisco seeing Dante?

So what do you think of my theory? Even if you disagree, I would still love to hear your thoughts on the matter.