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  • Stryzzar

    Flash Season 4 Trailer

    July 25, 2017 by Stryzzar

    So the new trailer is out and a lot to take in.

    Iris West is doing the monologue. Rare for a supporting protagonist to take up that job in the Arrowverse. Wonder what that means, Iris becomes a speedster :P Nah, jking.

    Caitlin seems to be herself again, with no traces of Killer Frost. For now. But I think it's safe to say her ice side will be showing up at some point.

    Peekaboo is back! I always wondered what happened to her after she bailed from the battle in "Rogue Air". We haven't really heard from her aside from Chronicles of Cisco, which may or may not have been a dream.

    The samurai wielding guy seems like a version of Baron Katana. My guess is he's probably a villain of the week, but it'll be interesting to see how the show adapts him.


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  • Stryzzar

    Who is Savitar?

    April 28, 2017 by Stryzzar

    Yep, another one of these "Savitar theory blogs". Here's my take on it.

    After spending a lot of time trying to think of which character that Barry knows could be Savitar, it dawned on me. What if Savitar isn't a person, what if Savitar is the Philosopher's Stone itself. Before you start shooting me down with accusations of this a crack theory, please hear me out.

    Well one thing that always stuck out to me with Savitar is, why is he so heavily connected to the Philosopher's Stone? There doesn't seem to be anyone who can use the Philosopher's Stones many powers better than Savitar can. I mean sure, Savitar could have been the first to find the Stone and unlock its secrets. But it's seriously to the point where his life seems to be linked to th…

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