Oliver has a pretty nice costume as the Arrow, but he started wearing it at the beginning of the series, a long time before any other costumed hero or villain appeared on the show. By the time season 3 starts, we will have a lot of people running around in very complex and unique costumes. Notably, we have The Canary, Deathstroke and The Flash. Compered to those, The Arrow's costume looks very simple and not very special. Season 3 will bring as the first appearance of Roy's costume as Arsenal, and his costume looks a lot more complex than The Arrow's costume, and, well, a lot better in my opinion.

Here are the two costumes for comparison:

I believe it is time for Oliver to get a new costume. I know he got his mask in the last season, but I think that now he needs to change his whole costume.

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Should The Arrow get a new costume?

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What do you guys think? Should Oliver get a new costume? How is the new costume going to look like? Do you think that he will ever get a new costume in the show? Comment below!