Arrow has established itself as a realistic show in it's first season, so it was a welcomed surprise when the Mirakuru was introduced in season 2, and don't forget the time when Barry Allen got his superpowers. Those powers brought another layer to the show, and they will increase with The Flash will debut in the fall, with all of the superpowers it will include.

Arrow was always a pretty grounded show, and even when season 3 that will air in the same time as The Flash, it will still stay grounded, with heroes and villains that will mostly have human powers. So the question is, how will the show handle Ra's Al Ghul?

As you might know, in the comic books, Ra's is hundreds of years old. He uses a magical pit called The Lazaros Pit to stop his aging and stay alive. At this point, we don't know how the show will handle him. He might be hundreds of years all like in the comics, or he might be a regular man in his 50-60.

Personally I hope he will be hundreds of years old. I think that would be the next step of the show, to introduce a villain that has a very big supernatural element to him, but he is also very grounded in his ways and his other powers.

What do you think? Do you want Ra's to be grounded or not? Do you think he will have The Lazaros Pit? Comment below!

Will Ra's Al Ghul be hundreds of years old like in the comics?

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