At the beginning of season 3 of Arrow, we will see that Roy became Arsenal, the sidekick of The Arrow. He will be skilled with a bow and in martial arts.

Thea probably trained with Malcolm during the summer, and she will probably keep training with him when the season starts. I think that Thea will be a villain this year, maybe even Malcolm sidekick. She will probably become a hero some day, but for now she is going to be a villain, with a suit and a name.

The show has built the relationship between Thea and Roy since season 1, we saw them fall in love, and then drift apart because of all the lies. I think it could be amazing to have Thea and Roy meet at some point, but Roy will be in the Arsenal suit, and Thea will be in her's. They might not recognize each other, or at least Roy will not recognize her at first, and they will fight. At some point they will realize who they are fighting, and it will be a big dramatic moment.

I really like the idea of the two sidekicks of the hero and the villain to meet, fight and see what they have become because of those two big people.

What do you think? Will we see Roy and Thea fight? Do you want to see it?

Will Thea and Roy fight?

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