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    Prediction: Roy VS. Thea

    August 14, 2014 by Strawhat1

    At the beginning of season 3 of Arrow, we will see that Roy became Arsenal, the sidekick of The Arrow. He will be skilled with a bow and in martial arts.

    Thea probably trained with Malcolm during the summer, and she will probably keep training with him when the season starts. I think that Thea will be a villain this year, maybe even Malcolm sidekick. She will probably become a hero some day, but for now she is going to be a villain, with a suit and a name.

    The show has built the relationship between Thea and Roy since season 1, we saw them fall in love, and then drift apart because of all the lies. I think it could be amazing to have Thea and Roy meet at some point, but Roy will be in the Arsenal suit, and Thea will be in her's. They might n…

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  • Strawhat1

    Arrow has established itself as a realistic show in it's first season, so it was a welcomed surprise when the Mirakuru was introduced in season 2, and don't forget the time when Barry Allen got his superpowers. Those powers brought another layer to the show, and they will increase with The Flash will debut in the fall, with all of the superpowers it will include.

    Arrow was always a pretty grounded show, and even when season 3 that will air in the same time as The Flash, it will still stay grounded, with heroes and villains that will mostly have human powers. So the question is, how will the show handle Ra's Al Ghul?

    As you might know, in the comic books, Ra's is hundreds of years old. He uses a magical pit called The Lazaros Pit to stop his…

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    The Arrow's Costume

    August 1, 2014 by Strawhat1

    Oliver has a pretty nice costume as the Arrow, but he started wearing it at the beginning of the series, a long time before any other costumed hero or villain appeared on the show. By the time season 3 starts, we will have a lot of people running around in very complex and unique costumes. Notably, we have The Canary, Deathstroke and The Flash. Compered to those, The Arrow's costume looks very simple and not very special. Season 3 will bring as the first appearance of Roy's costume as Arsenal, and his costume looks a lot more complex than The Arrow's costume, and, well, a lot better in my opinion.

    Here are the two costumes for comparison:

    What do you guys think? Should Oliver get a new costume? How is the new costume going to look like? Do y…

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