This "blog" will be my first and I am not really sure how to start this. I am fairly sure that everyone on this wiki has heard the term "Olicity" 1 time or another. My opinion on Olicity is that I think that it is a very good representation of the chemestry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. Their chemestry is so potent that it can be seen on camera while portraying their characters and I think this is the reason everyone ships their corresponding characters. Though some people complain about the fact that Oliver is supposed to be married to Laurel by the end of the show, I feel as if the Producers and writers will not do this. I can support this with the fact that Arrow, while a great adaptation of DC comics into television, is outside of the confinments set by the comics. Thats why I love how they adapted the stories of Firefly, Vertigo, The Dark Archer, and even Green Arrow himself. I do have worries about Olicity ever happening. 1st off, Oliver's child. If Felicity were to ever marry Oliver, she would already have a "child" to her name. I put quotations around child because by the time of the marriage, Oliver's kid would be about 16ish. I can't really imagine Felicity as a mother figure as of now, but I think the writers could make it work. 2nd Concern, Oliver's commitment to his city. I feel as long as there is a city, it will need a hero. How could Oliver be there for his wife and child if he is constantly having to put his life at risk every night? Maybe Roy takes over as his position as the hero of Starling. I think Felicity couldn't stay with someone like that. So in order for Olicity to take place, a few things need to happen. 1st, addressing the fact Oliver has a child. 2ndly, Oliver retiring as the role of The Arrow. If these 2 things take place, I think Oliver could spend the rest of his life with felicity. What do you guys think?