Ok so we have the synopsis for the episode in which Jeremiah Danvers is rescued (I kinda forgot about him honestly) so now I feel a bit more comfortable saying this. Is there more to him then meets the eye? Near the start of the season Alex went to confront Cadmus about her dad, Lillian Luthor says, "I think it'd be best if you remembered him for who he was." Episodes later he randomly appears to save Mon-El and Kara, he doesn't look worse for wear he looks perfectly fine. Jeremiah stays behind and he vanishes. In an upcoming episode he gets rescued and well you know this plot Kara and Alex are so excited that Jeremiah is back but Mon-El suspicious and oh look at that it turns out that Mon-El suspicions were right all along! What a twist. (At least it makes for a good mad lib) I'm kinda positive that they might twist it a little to where J'onn is even suspicious but we all know how this is gonna go say it with me "Jeremiah Danvers is either a clone, a robot, an android, or has been brainwashed"

Sorry if it sounds like I'm being harsh I'm still enjoying Supergirl but let's look at the twists that they did really well

J'onn being Hank Henshaw

The head of Cadmus being Lena's mother

Those two aliens looking for Mon-El will be a great twist

Here's the major reveals that people can see coming either due to comic book knowledge, cliches, or both

M'gann being a White Martian (I guessed it the moment she told her backstory)

Jeremiah Danvers is hiding something

It's not a deal breaker I'm just used to the epic twists that The Flash gives us most of the time. But what do you think? About Jeremiah Danvers' secret not the twists