Hi guys! Now many have been theorizing just who the new big bad of Arrow (Prometheus) could be. So far, everyone (at least) has come up with one:Tommy Merlyn. Whilte it is strange to say the least, there is a fairly compelling case as to why Tommy could be Prometheusl.

  1. He used a bow and a sword, the same type of weapons that his father utilized 
  2. Prometheus is supposed to be a result of Oliver's actions, Tommy's death was is considered to be collateral damage in the Undertaking in Season 1
  3. He has the modivation to seek revenge on Oliver. Tommy genuinely loved Laurel, and sacrificed himself so she could live. He could react the same way Quentin reacted to Laurel being a vigilante, and possibly blame Oliver for her death.]
  4. Malcolm had access to the Lazurus Pit, and considering the fact that it was his fault that his son died, he may have felt compelled to bring him back]

But as compelling as the evidence is and could make for a good story, it would not be compelling in its right and would lessen the impact that Tommy's death had on Oliver. Prometheus is said to be a completely original character, but there have also been characters that have been composed from two different characters or built from two different storylines. 

The person I am proposing as a candidate for the mysterious villain is rather someone from the comics who suffered under Oliver's killing spree. Well, caddidates. First off; Richard Dragon

"But wait a minute, isn't Richard Dragon a good guy?" Well, yes and no. In the previoius incarnation; Richard Dragon was a renowned martial artist who tutored many including Bronze Tiger and Huntress. The current incarnation is a crime boss named Ricardo Diaz Jr., who took the mantle of his mentor after killling him and rejecting the peaceful ways he tried to instill in him. "Richard Dragon" has a personal vendetta towards Oliver for having humiliated his father and even formed a group to help him with his vendetta called the Longbow Hunters. If done well on the show, he could be a vey compelling villain. Or he could be a part of the flashbacks as a gruff mentor to Oliver. 

The next candidate I had in mind is David Drayson/Slingshot. There's not much compelling evidence other than the fact that the current season is going back to its roots of Season 1. While no one has mentioned the List, it could come back in a big way. Drayson is a noted cop-killer as was the original Prometheus in the comics, and the first thing we see Prometheus do is kill a cop. 

The final candidate I had in mind is Isabel Rochev. Not nearly a compelling case and her role in the story is done but just indulge me a moment. Naturally, we assume that the next big bad is a dude. It usually is. There could be a chance, a very slim one though, that after killing her Nyssa took her to Nanda Parbat and revived her by the means ofthe Lazarus Pit; possibly seeing of some use to the League. The League had been disbanded and who knows what the depraved psycho could do. Although, she would be regarded as collateral damage from Oliver's actions to say the least. 

Well, that's all I got at the moment. Please leave a comment and tell me your opinions as to who he (or she) may be.