Wally West has finally being brought on to the show!! I am personally very excited due to the fact that aside from Barry Allen, Wally West is my favorite speedster.

But onto the big things at hand. All we know right now is that Wally is going to be introduced but we don't know how exactly. So, here's three main ideasI came up with that the show may use. 

Nephew of Iris: Why fiz something that ain't broke? In the comics, Wally is the son of Iris's older brother Rudy and Mary West. Rudy had been something of an absentee/non-caring parent, so Barry looked forward to visiting his Aunt and later uncle, Barry. It's kinda weird that they mentioned Iris's mother toward the end of Season 1, so this may come into play.

Iris's brother: Possibly to change the dynamic between Barry and Wally. While they do have a familial relation in the comics (albeit later), Barry and Wally have a clear mentor/student relationship. Again, they mentioned Iris' mother towards the end of the season, and we'll be finding out more about her in this coming season. They may even mix up his origins with that of the New 52: Wally being the juvenile son of Joe, and Joe being a law-abiding enforcer of the law is somewhat ashamed of him. 

Iris and Barry's son: This is way out there, but they have just started to introduce the prospect of time-travel, as well as dimensional travel (possibly). This new version of Wally West may possibly be the offspring of Barry and Iris in a different alternate dimension. 

Thank you so much for listening ot me rave on. Please comment.