Ok so since we hav had minimal news regading Arrow season 6 I wanted to talk about my prediction for the seasons big bad and why I want it to be this character.

So my prediction for the season six villain is Richard Dragon, a character who I predicted would be last years villain and was hoping he would be but as we know obviously didn't happen(which ultimately I was happy Prometheus was because he was fantastic!) but hopefully he is this year. The version of the character that I personally love is the new 52 version, as he was probably my favorite GA villain in the new 52 which as a whole was meh. One reason I like him so much is that he is a really grounded villain and would work perfectly for the show. He also is a very skilled fighter who could challenge Oliver in very different fighting style than we have seen from all the other villains, as he specializes in Kung fu and martial arts. In the comics he also created a gang called the longbow hunters which included many characters we've seen on arrow such as count vertigo and Danny Brickwell. If Dragon was the villain we could see Brick and vertigo return again and be accomplishes to Dragon. Overall, I really hope Richard Dragon will be the villain of Arrow season 6 rather than Helix or Anatoly/ a verizon of KGBeast and the Bratva, as not only do I really like the character but, I also think he would fit perfectly into the show and be a formidable foe for Ollie and the rest of Team Arrow.