I like to speculate allright, but I am pretty sure that one of these people has a high chance to be the new crew for legends of tommorow.

Those who were obviously going to stay cause they have nowhere to go

  • Sarah (Though I'm pretty sure shes gonna die again like usual)
  • Firestorm duo
  • Ray Palmer (I don't know where to put this but, man how I wish to see the atom became a giant again)
  • Mick
  • Nate

Those who're going to leave

  • Amaya (someones gotta reassemble JSA so Rex Tyler (don't tell me you forgot about him) can actually exist again and warn the team thus making some sense toward the timeline)
  • Rip Hunter (sara's position as the captain isn't going to be replaced without some sort of backlash, plus Rip is the villain now, and the writer gonna need a reason so Rip can't replace sara)

Possible new recruit

  • Wally West/Kid flash (flash is going to have some clash with the legends after in the future so barry can have even more major role in the later episode, to give in more background about the future flash who is obviously going to be the next flash villains after savitar)
  • An Archer, many possibilities on this one, sorted by the most likeliest to be picked: Roy Harper, Evelyn Sharp, Thea Queen.
  • Beast Boy, This guy is a rather popular superhero, possible to make an appearance on the flash alongside with other young metahumans, like tons more of them ready to have their lisences used. 
  • Miss Martian, A character from supergirl, she might have much more useful role if she were to become the legend.
  • Black Siren/ Dinah Drake, Even though the last few episode obviously shows confusion between writers of the show, Black Siren will have her own redemption arc, and will probbably become part of the legend since arrow can't have two black canary.
    • Altough I'm also pretty sure that the arrow they're gonna ditch black siren in favor of the other, then have black siren put back to jail or be killed off by prometheus.