• Spirits of nature

    It even took me too long to realize that until they literally said "We put a facist in the white house".

    Like the amount of propaganda they crammed in is outright ridiculous. I'm not supposed to give a shit or two about american politic, but the way the director put it is making me feeling very uncomfortable.

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  • Spirits of nature

    This is bad, can someone please delete my post?

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  • Spirits of nature
    • Drink blue gatorade

    Guys... Prometheus is actually oliver queen ON DRUGS, It make so much sense

    • Sniff Glue

    like no one has actually seen him with oliver, they never appear together

    • Inject Vertigo

    All of the prometheus fights only happen between two of them, and noone actually witnessed it themself. Like how did he able to break into Starlabs without tripping an alarm.

    • Read Philosophy Book

    Think about it, prometheus knows everything that oliver queen know, evelynn actually caught him in action and decided to go along with it cause it's funny

    • Donates Blood

    And the fans are gonna bee like, OOH I cant belive it's not prometheus, while the writer of the show just tweeting "Can somebody call 911? we've been chained to our worktable like dog"

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  • Spirits of nature

    I like to speculate allright, but I am pretty sure that one of these people has a high chance to be the new crew for legends of tommorow.

    Those who were obviously going to stay cause they have nowhere to go

    • Sarah (Though I'm pretty sure shes gonna die again like usual)
    • Firestorm duo
    • Ray Palmer (I don't know where to put this but, man how I wish to see the atom became a giant again)
    • Mick
    • Nate

    Those who're going to leave

    • Amaya (someones gotta reassemble JSA so Rex Tyler (don't tell me you forgot about him) can actually exist again and warn the team thus making some sense toward the timeline)
    • Rip Hunter (sara's position as the captain isn't going to be replaced without some sort of backlash, plus Rip is the villain now, and the writer gonna need a reason…
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