• SonnyCrockett84

    CW Justice League

    February 20, 2015 by SonnyCrockett84

    CW justice league With Arrow and The Flash both introducing many heroes, I feel that it's all leading to a large superhero team up. With the movie and the Tv universes 100% separate and the real justice leaguers (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc) obviously never appearing, the CW will be forming their own.

    The name: Obviously "Justice League" won't and can't be used, so I think the group will only mention something boring and neutral like "the team" or "the group". Similar to Smallville never officially naming their team of heroes.

    The members:

    1.Green Arrow Oliver will play the "Batman role" as the teams leader and tactician. He most likely brings the team together in the first place, and the "Arrow Cave" most likely is used as their base.


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