Hawkman must make  a cameo on the show as an anti-thesis to The Arrow. Hawkman and Green Arrow have always been the polar opposites of Superman and Batman. While Batman and Superman get along well, Hawkman and Green Arrow argue a lot. A law enforcer  versus a vigilante would be an interesting twist in the show. Both heroes, who can't get along at all, will slug it out. The mace versus the bow (or arrow).

The perfect cast for Hawkman will be none other than Spartacus lead himself... Liam McIntyre!!!

And the perfect twist,  Hawkman will think Nyssa (Katrina Law) is his resurrected wife. It will be Spartacus and Mira reunited again. Hawkman will become Nyssa's protector and thus will pit him against The Arrow. In the end, Hawkman's resurrected wife turns out to be either Laurel or Thea.

And as a bonus Island backstory, Ollie slips into the hidden portal of the Amazon tribe and meets the Amazon princess Diana (either played by brunette-dyed Tamsin Egerton or Bridget Regan). Diana might as well be named Galatea to keep up with the Greek names of the Amazon. In mythology, Galatea was a statue given life which may work well with Diana being a golem or a clay given life. Otherwise, just name her Astraea like the goddess of Justice since she is eventually a member of the Justice League. The show will recreate the origin of Wonder Woman similarly as Sara becomes The Canary.

And finally, hoping there will be the battle of the bombshells with fishnet stockings, the trickster-magician Zatanna (to be played by either Julia Voth or Camilla Belle) versus The Canary for fanservice.

A cameo of Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Blur will knock out the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!!!