Hey new here and the names Shadowknight399 55 and I honestly love The Teen Titans. Both every incarnation of the team(minus the team from the late 90s lead by The Atom) and the 2003 cartoon. And with the appearance of Wally West as Kid Flash. I honestly would like to know would you like to see a show based around a team of young heroes in the Arrowverse and who would like to see on it and if you were in charge what would do with it. I know that if it were up to me. It'd probably be Roy Harper taking on the mantle of Arsenal once again to lead a team of young heroes with Kid Flash(Wally West) alongside him as they must fight against a small unknown group lead by the mysterious PSimon are capturing young metahumans and humans and experimenting on them. That alone does sound like a good idea. But once again what do you guys think, would you like this. What characters would like to see on this if it was a thing.