This theory operates under the following assumptions: 1) Legends of Tomorrow gets a longer season and/or spans across from Fall to Spring. 2) Supergirl will now air on Mondays on The CW. 3) The Flashpoint Saga – if adapted – will last for the first half of The Flash Season 3. Remember, this isn’t how it MUST happen, or how it WILL happen, but how it MAY happen. Keep in mind though that I’ve written this under the assumption that this is how it WILL happen, even though it’s not guaranteed. Anyway, let’s begin.

Hi guys. So I’m sure we’ve all seen The Flash Season 2 finale…. Wow. With Barry’ mother alive, the series and the Arrowverse as a whole seems to be set up for an adaptation of Flashpoint. With this in mind, I’ve come up with my overall theory as to what an adaptation of Flashpoint will look like on The Flash, and how it will impact the other Arrowverse show.

I’ll start with addressing The Flash Season 3. Episode 1 will set the status quo for the new universe, introducing the new versions of the characters we love. I suspect that we will get our Season 3 main antagonist in this ep too. More on that later. Episodes 2-7 will continue to follow Flashpoint but I suspect it will likely stay focused on “Flash” characters, with many minor cameos or roles from other shows.

This is where it gets really tricky, and its in part due to Supergirl. Now, Supergirl is supposed to be airing on Mondays at The CW, however we don’t know if it’s going to air its Season 2 premiere before or after Flash. If before, then we’ll have SG 201, TF 301, A 501, LOT 201 as our schedule. If not, then we’ll likely have TF 301, A 501, LOT 201, SG 201.

With this, there are two scenarios as to how “Week 8” will play out.

  • In Scenario A: The Flash’s eighth episode of the season will kick-start the four part MASSIVE CROSSOVER that the CW has teased, leading to the conclusion in Supergirl Season 2, Episode 8. This episode will conclude the Flashpoint Saga’s climax, while nicely leading into The Flash episode 9 the following night.
  • In Scenario B: Supergirl’s eighth episode of the season will kick-start the four part MASSIVE CROSSOVER, which will end with Legends of Tomorrow. Either way, things will escalate drastically on all four shows.

Following this crazy week of crossover insanity, I’d imagine that the following week, the Episode 9 week, would be the “cool-off midseason finale”, likely dealing with the aftermath of the Flashpoint saga in all episodes, connecting to the overarching plots of the various shows, and teasing the future.

For Flash, I’d imagine this would be similar to “Fast Enough”, where the big “fight” has already happened, and now this is just dealing with the aftermath & consequences that follow. Barry would return to Central City in December 2016 – yes, December. Why? Because in Legends of Tomorrow, it was established that Rip couldn’t just bring everyone back to when they first left – so he had to drop them off in May 2016 (as shown in the season 1 finale). This would be similar – Barry would be stuck in December 2016 (I’m basing this off of the fact that this year’s crossover event was in early December), and Central City would have (in the corrected timeline) gone without a Flash since the defeat of Zoom. Barry would have to reunite with all of his old family members and friends, and he would likely deal with their reaction to what happened. There may or may not be a villain/meta of the episode – but honestly, after Flashpoint, I don’t know if it’d be better to just have no big fights in the midseason finale or not.

Now the big question is: How are Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl all going to deal with Flashpoint? The answer is… they’re not. At least, not for a while. What they’ll end up doing is just business as usual. It’ll confuse fans at first – “why isn’t Star City in Arrow like the Star City in Flash?”. I have an answer for that. It’s because the events of Arrow will be taking place after Barry has corrected the timeline, but before Barry gets back.

So it’ll be ARROW S4/FLASH S2 > FLASH S3 FLASHPOINT > 4-EP MEGA ARC CONCLUSION TO FLASHPOINT > ARROW S5 EPS 1-7 > FLASH RETURNS (S3 EP 9) > ARROW S5 EP 9 > ARROW S5B AND FLASH S3B. That’s how the timeline will work. As for Legends, they say changes to the timeline are always in flux, and with the time-travel nature of the series I can’t really give a good answer for this now. There’s always the chance that this show could address Flashpoint as well, but I doubt it.

With Supergirl, it’s in an alternate universe so there’s not really any continuity issues. Speaking of Supergirl being in an alternate universe, it’s time to reveal my craziest theories yet:

  • Supergirl joins the Arrowverse: In Flashpoint, Barry brings together 3 universes (DC, Wildstorm, and Vertigo) to create the New 52 universe. I think it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch to imagine that he would bring Earth-1 and Earth-SG (Supergirl’s world) together, and National City would now become a part of the Earth-1 world, meaning this world would now have Kryptonians, Martians, and yes – Superman. Oh, and Supergirl, duh lol.
  • Reverse-Flash returns as a recurring antagonist: Just as Merlyn was the Season 1 antagonist and made a return in Arrow, Reverse-Flash likely will return as an antagonist, perhaps even one of the main antagonists of the season, due to his role in the comic’s Flashpoint. While this is probably one of the more likely possibilities, there’ a third option that I’ve been thinking about… and would find really, really cool.
  • Mirror Master as the true Big Bad of Season 3 of The Flash.
    • Now, Mirror Master plays no large role in Flashpoint, but he’s one of the big rogues The Flash has, and the creators have made it clear he’s on their minds. Obviously, I think we all assume that Mirror Master would be a metahuman, not a guy with tech. But here’s my take on Mirror Master.
    • Mirror Master is a metahuman that not only can travel through mirrors and use them as part of his powers – but he uses the mirrors to travel between universes. That’s right, he can use mirrors as a breach of sorts to go between worlds. This gives us an easy excuse to bring back Jay Garrick (and Earth-3) as well as Earth-2 (Harry and Jesse). But as for his origin story, well, I have an idea on that too…
    • Mirror Master is an Earth-1 metahuman from the Flashpoint timeline that manages to escape the temporal change that corrects the timeline. He travels through time, and finds himself in the corrected timeline. Mirror Master could easily be the big bad of the Flashpoint arc and the entire season itself, coming from a world where perhaps he is king, and then when that reality is taken away from him – he’s out for revenge on The Flash. But perhaps he realizes that he can’t do it alone.
    • Thus the creation of The Rogues as a unified group for the remainder of Season 3. Also, wouldn’t it be great to have a main antagonist who isn’t a speedster? My only fear is that he might come off as a Damien Dhark copy, and nobody wants that.

Final notes:

  • Robert Queen as “The Arrow” – takes the place of Thomas Wayne as Batman. This means the scene where Barry gives Bruce the letter would be Barry giving it to Oliver. Because Oliver is Bruce Wayne of the Arrowverse (I mean come on – Season 3 was Ra’s al Ghul).
  • Killer Frost would return as the Flashpoint Caitlin. I don’t know if Cisco would be Vibe, Reverb, or just Cisco Ramon, but I’m sure they’ll figure something out.
  • Captain Cold died in Legends of Tomorrow’s Season 1 penultimate episode. However, the creators have confirmed that the actor will return in some capacity across various DC shows. In Flashpoint, Captain Cold is considered Central City’s greatest hero – that’s an easy way to bring him back to The Flash, and to create drama for Legends of Tomorrow.

As I said though, this is all part of a crazy theory full of smaller theories. I doubt all of this will be true, in fact it’d be amazing just to have even one thing true. But that’s what I’m thinking. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Leave your comments below.